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Zinc Oxide White Seal

Zinc oxide has many applications in our daily lives. It is an industrial raw material used in the production of rubber, glass, ceramic, paints, pharmaceuticals, catalysts, electrical and electronics products, agricultural products, wood preservatives and many others. An important property of zinc oxide lies in its ability to increase the resistance capability of some plastic materials used for packing purposes.

Rubber Industries:

  • Activator in the curing and vulcanization process
  • Reinforcing agent adding durability and abrasion resistance
  • Protecting rubber from harmful UV rays

Paints and Coating:

  • Used in both water and solvent base formulation
  • Used as a pigment or excellent brighter
  • Used as additive this absorbs UV rays to extend color retention
  • Used as excellent inhibitor of fungi, mildew and mould

Ceramic and Glass:

  • Used to manufacture glazes and acts as an opacifier or whitener
  • Low coefficient of thermal expansion improves resistance to thermal and mechanical shock, most notably in glass
  • Used in fritz industry, to enhances color and clarity
  • Good to manufacture optical glass as oxide'''s high refractive index


  • Used in the production of sunscreens as UV absorber, burn ointment and rash prevention cream
  • Use in fungi static properties such as deodorants, soaps and antidandruff

Animal Feed:

  • Use as essential micronutrient in feed mixes to promote growth in animals

Agricultural Fertilizer:

  • Use to manufacture soil fertilizer
  • Use to increase crop yields and can play a role in enzyme system to regulate plant growth


  • Provides excellent UV stability, Heat resistance, and mechanical strength in plastics
  • For thermal stabilization in PVC
  • To prevent formation of fungi-static in Food packaging